What is our purpose?
We provide spiritual growth for persons who, via the twelve steps are in
recovery from some addiction.

What is our focus?
Our focus is on helping the churched and un-churched alcoholics, drug addicts,
gamblers, sex addicts, workaholics, ALANON and codependents in our

What is the need?
There are thousands of such people in the Fargo/Moorhead area who are not
involved in any church.

Why are we needed?
We have discovered that many people in recovery are the most comfortable
with each other.  They attend Recovery Worship to support, and to be
supported by other in their recovery journey.  People in recovery often times
shy away from traditional church.

What is our denomination?
We worship on Sunday Morning at The Gathering, a facility owned by First
United Methodist Church of Fargo.  Our pastor is an ordained pastor of the
ELCA and we see ourselves as an arm of all the churches of our area.  We do
not have "members," some come when they feel the need and attend their own
church on other Sundays.  Some have made Recovery Worship their home for
weekly worship.
What is Recovery Worship all about?
Our Mission

Is to enable
persons in
step recovery
to experience
the joy and
abundant life
"Thanks for the sermon today, I definitely have a higher power working in my
life. That was exactly the same thing I was talking to a sponsee about Sat
morning...I love it when God talks to me through other people! No wonder I had
this strong feeling that I had to go to church this morning."